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Cultural Spiritual Care

Cultural and spiritual care is considered vital to the general wellbeing of each of our residents. The Glen Nursing Home respects and accepts that individuals have the right to continue to have their cultural and spiritual needs met at all times.

The home facilitates the observance of all religious festivals that are appropriate to the faith of any resident living at the home.

Residents are free to follow the religion of their choice. With the support of external networks we provide regular visits from representatives of some of the more common religions however we are also able to arrange visits from representatives of other religions upon request.

Each resident also has the right to continue to attend their preferred place of worship while they are physically able to do so through the support of their family and friends.

All cultural and spiritual preferences of each resident are included in their individual care plan and therefore any observance or ritual which is required prior or post death as part of their belief is always assured.

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Call: 01274 586419